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Paros Island

Paros is one of the biggest islands of the Cyclades island complex, at the center of the Aegean seaways, at a distance of 90 nautical miles from Piraeus.

One of the most fertile Cycladic islands, Paros produces wine, famous from ancient times, olive oil, grain, and fruit. In recent years, vine culture is flourishing and Parian wines, bottled in the island’s contemporary wine factories, have become famous around the world.

Paros’ long course through the centuries, the passing of different civilizations from its territory, the almost continuous presence of inhabitants, have left marks and memories in archaeological sites, castles, churches, chapels, and monasteries, creating a unique sense of continuity present everywhere.

Today, Paros has become one of the most popular destinations for Greeks and foreigners.

Paros has all the necessary infrastructures and services visitors need, without compromising its traditional character.

The island’s capital is Paroikia, in the western coast, a cosmopolitan town that maintains its characteristic Cycladic color and architectural style.

Naousa , the quaint fishermen’s village, is Paros’ second in size town and one of the most picturesque small ports in the Aegean. Beautiful and full of life are Paros’ traditional villages such as Lefkes, Marmara, Paripssa, Dryos, Aggaria, and Alyki. But what will really capture your hearts, the real beauty of Paros is its people. Simple, warm, creative, hospitable people, with respect and love for their fellow human beings.